Choose a Rhino Shield Exterior Wall Coating for Your Home or Business in Panama City, FL

Wall Coating Panama City FLThere are many reasons to choose a Rhino Shield exterior wall coating for your home or business in Panama City, Florida. One reason is that a Rhino Shield coating will last far longer than paint. While ordinary exterior paint is made up of cheap materials and a low solids content, Rhino Shield coatings contain ultra-durable materials and one third more solids. Plus, a Rhino Shield wall coating is applied 8-10 times thicker than paint, enabling it to hold up better through all weather conditions.

Another benefit of a Rhino Shield wall coating is that it will help insulate your home or commercial property in Panama City, FL. Tiny ceramic microcapsules in the coating will help prevent heat from passing through your exterior walls, keeping the inside space home cooler. As a result, you can potentially save money in air conditioning costs throughout the year.

Here’s some other important information to know about Rhino Shield coatings:

  • We can tint your Rhino Shield wall coating any color you want. You will be able to select the exact color scheme you want for your walls, trim, and other architectural features.
  • We can apply our coatings to virtually any material, including stucco, wood, brick, and vinyl. Not only will the coating show the texture of the material underneath, it can accentuate the texture further.
  • Our coatings come backed by an incredible 25-year warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind about your investment.

If you want a wall coating that outperforms paint in many ways, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (850) 424-6829. We’ll give your home or commercial property in Panama City, FL, a coating that you can count on lasting through the years.