The Best Exterior Wall Coating for Your Home or Business in New Orleans, LA

Wall Coating New Orleans LAIf you’re searching for an exterior wall coating option that will help keep your home or business in New Orleans, Louisiana, looking attractive through the years, then Rhino Shield is the company for you to call. Our beautiful exterior wall coatings can be applied in any colors that you want, allowing you to create the exact look that you envision. Plus, because our coatings contain better ingredients, more solids, and are applied with a thicker coat than paint, they last far longer, sparing you from having to have another wall coating applied down the road.

We can apply a Rhino Shield wall coating to virtually any type of residential or commercial property. Our coatings work great on a wide range of building materials used on exterior walls, including:

  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Engineered wood
  • Metal

When you contact us regarding coating your home or business in New Orleans, LA, the process will proceed as follows. We will schedule a free consultation at which we will examine the exterior walls you’re looking to coat and provide you with information about how you can expect to benefit from having them coated. On the day that we will coat your exterior walls, we will first prepare them by cleaning them and performing any minor repair work that’s needed to get them in the right condition for being coated. We will then carefully apply the wall coating, demonstrating the fine attention to detail that has earned us respect throughout the industry. Finally, we will make sure that the jobsite is left clean and tidy, so you will have nothing left to do but sit back and appreciate your beautifully transformed home or business.

For the finest wall coating available in New Orleans, LA, contact Rhino Shield at (504) 467-2200 and schedule a free consultation.