Have Rhino Shield Apply an Ultra-Durable Exterior Wall Coating to Your Home or Business in Metairie, LA

Wall Coating Metairie LAWhen home and business owners in Metairie, Louisiana, learn about the many benefits of a Rhino Shield wall coating, there’s no way that they can settle for regular paint. Rhino Shield coatings are specially formulated to last longer, provide more insulation, and resist damage better than paint. A Rhino Shield wall coating will provide a beautiful fresh, new layer of color while eliminating the need to repaint again down the road, delivering phenomenal long-term value.

Here’s some other important information to know about Rhino Shield coatings:

  • We consulted with some of the industry’s top scientists and manufacturers to develop our coatings, ensuring that we provide our customers in Metairie, LA, and beyond with the finest coatings possible.
  • Independent laboratories such as BASF International have tested the strength, solar reflectivity, fire resistance, and mold resistance of our coatings, providing objective verification of their outstanding performance.
  • Rhino Shield wall coatings have been used in more than 25,000 coating projects around the world, proof of their widespread appeal.
  • Because we have such faith in our product, we will back your wall coating with a transferable 25-year warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind in your investment.

To revamp your home or business with a wall coating that will look beautiful and hold up incredibly well over time, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (850) 424-6829. We would be pleased to schedule a free consultation at your home in Metairie, LA, to get this exciting project underway.