The Best Exterior Wall Coating Available in Denver, CO

Wall Coating Denver COIt’s no wonder a Rhino Shield wall coating outperforms other coating options available in Denver, Colorado. While our coatings look just like a fresh coat of paint when applied, they last far longer because they include better ingredients, a higher solids content, and are applied with a much thicker coat. Our coatings have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories such as BASF International and used in tens of thousands of coating projects around the world, so their effectiveness has been proven and their appeal is widely known.

The benefits of choosing a Rhino Shield wall coating for your home or business in Denver, CO, include:

  • Longevity – A Rhino Shield wall coating will last many times longer than regular paint, sparing you from having to paint again and again through the years, and providing incredible long-term value.
  • Energy savings – Because our coatings contain heat-reflecting ceramic microcapsules and are applied with such a thick coat, they will act as an extra layer of insulation on your walls. The coating will help reduce the work that your HVAC system must perform to keep the indoor space comfortable, potentially also saving you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Durability – Rhino Shield coatings are formulated to last. Even though they are applied with a thick coat, they are unique in their ability to “breathe” and prevent the cracks, chips, peeling, and other damage that can result from water vapor being trapped inside.
  • Easy cleaning – You will appreciate the fact that dirt can easily be washed off of a Rhino Shield wall coating – you should be able to easily spray it away using a regular garden hose.

If you want to revitalize your home or business with an exterior wall coating that will look great long into the future, contact Rhino Shield today. You can reach our team at (303) 353-0674 to schedule a free consultation.