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Rhino Shield Rust Bond offers solutions for Rust Remediation.

Rhino Shield Rust Bond is a two-part epoxy primer designed to eliminate the hassle and expense of painting rusted metal surfaces. The Rhino Shield Rust Bond seals and contains inhibiting qualities to resist or improve corrosion protection. Rhino Shield Rust Bond penetrates rusted metal surfaces and is designed to bond and reinforce heavy rust or corrosion.

The Rhino Shield Rust Bond primer requires a top coat which can be applied by your local Rhino Shield application team. Rhino Shield Rust Bond is a two-part, 100% solid epoxy system.  Rhino Shield Rust Bond is professionally installed and will quickly become your favorite and best solution for rusted or corroded surfaces.

Rhino Shield Rust Bond provides outstanding adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces. Specifically designed to fix rusted metal when blasting is not practical nor economically justified.  The Rhino Shield Rust Bond system offers rust solutions to seal and unify the metal substrate surface providing a long-lasting paintable surface.  Warranties vary by system used, so be sure to speak with your Rhino Shield project consultant for details.  

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