Are You Comparing Professional Painters Serving New Orleans, LA? Choose Rhino Shield

Professional Painters New Orleans LAWhile there are many professional painters serving New Orleans, Louisiana, none provide the ultra-durable exterior wall coatings that you will receive from Rhino Shield. To help the home and business owners who are dissatisfied with the way that regular paint quickly loses its luster and must be reapplied, we set out to find a better solution. We consulted with some of the industry’s top scientists and manufacturers to produce an elastomeric wall coating that looks just like a fresh coat of paint when applied, but that lasts far longer than the regular paint that other professional painters use. The results speak for themselves: Independent laboratories such as BASF International have verified our coatings’ outstanding performance, and tens of thousands of customers around the world have chosen Rhino Shield over other professional painters, showing our coatings’ widespread appeal.

If you’re wondering how our exterior wall coatings could possibly work so much better than the regular paint that other professional painters use, just consider what they contain. Rhino Shield coatings are made up of:

  • Resilient materials, such as ceramic microcapsules, which help the coatings withstand a full range of weather conditions
  • One third more solids than regular paint, producing a far more substantial coat
  • A coating that is 8-10 times thicker than paint but still able to “breathe,” preventing the damage that occurs to other coatings when moisture gets trapped inside

To learn more about how our coatings outperform the paint that other professional painters use, schedule a free consultation. We will assess your home or business in New Orleans, LA, and explain in detail how you can expect to benefit from having a resilient Rhino Shield coating applied to your exterior walls.

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