Rhino Shield Is Known for Painting Stucco in New Orleans, LA, with Ultra-Durable Coatings

Painting Stucco New Orleans LAPainting stucco can be a tricky task. Stucco’s textured surface can be difficult to fully coat, and if it’s damaged, it may require repairs before paint can be applied. Therefore, it’s important to hire experts to paint a home or business with a stucco exterior, and if you live in New Orleans, Louisiana, Rhino Shield is the company to call.

At Rhino Shield, we’re highly experienced at painting stucco, and we offer the best coating solutions available in New Orleans, LA. Instead of simply applying regular paint to your stucco walls, we will use an ultra-durable coating that will never need to be reapplied. Our incredible coatings also enhance energy efficiency, prevent mold growth, and resist cracks, chips, and other damage, so they are an all-around great investment.

Other reasons to hire Rhino Shield for painting stucco include:

  • Proven results – Our coatings have been used in projects around the globe, so there are tens of thousands of home and business owners who can attest to our coatings’ incredible value.
  • Thorough service – Before coating your exterior walls, we will clean and repair them as needed to ensure that the coating will adhere perfectly to the substrate and provide the best possible results.
  • Warranty protection – You will receive a 25-year transferrable warranty – one of the best in the industry – so you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe.

To hire a company that excels at painting stucco, contact Rhino Shield today. Call our team serving New Orleans, LA, at (504) 467-2200 to get this exciting project underway.