Rhino Shield Excels at Painting Stucco for Home and Business Owners in Metairie, LA

Painting Stucco Metairie LAWhen it comes to painting stucco in Metairie, Louisiana, there’s no better company to call than Rhino Shield. We’re highly experienced at painting stucco, which is important because the material is notoriously difficult to paint. Stucco can cause painters problems because it has a textured surface, which takes extra work to fully coat. Plus, it may be damaged in some places and require repairs before it can be coated.

In addition to our experience with painting stucco, you should hire Rhino Shield for this project because of the incredible wall coatings we use. Compared to regular paint, our coatings provide the following benefits:

  • Far greater longevity than standard paint, keeping your home or business in Metairie, LA, looking better for longer and saving you a significant amount of money over the long term
  • Potential energy savings achieved by insulating your exterior walls and lessening the burden placed on your air conditioning system
  • Minimal maintenance, since the coating won’t crack, chip, or peel for at least 25 years (guaranteed), saving you the time and money that would go toward repairs
  • Mold resistance, preventing the unsightly mold growth that can damage your exterior walls

To hire a company that excels at painting stucco and offers the finest wall coatings around, contact Rhino Shield today and schedule a free consultation at your home or business in Metairie, LA. Call us at (850) 424-6829 or send us your contact information through our website to get this exciting project underway.