Rhino Shield Excels at Painting Stucco on Homes and Businesses in Denver, CO

Painting Stucco Denver COWhen it comes to painting stucco, Rhino Shield is a company that offers a better solution than you will find anywhere else in Denver, Colorado. Our elastomeric exterior wall coatings last longer than paint, bolster energy efficiency, resist mold growth, and make cleaning walls a breeze. They work incredibly well for painting stucco and will not in any way diminish the beautiful texture of stucco walls.

In all respects, Rhino Shield is the best choice for your residential or commercial coating project in Denver, CO. You will benefit from our:

  • Superior coatings – A Rhino Shield coating will beautify your home or business and retain its good looks through the years. Our coatings outperform paint because they contain superior ingredients, a higher solids content, and are applied with a much thicker coat.
  • Expertise with painting stucco – The textured surface of stucco can make it tough to paint, and some repair work may be required to fix damaged stucco before it can be painted. However, Rhino Shield has a high level of expertise with this type of exterior and will produce results you will love.
  • Warranty protection – Rhino Shield coatings have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and used in more than 25,000 coating projects around the world, so their value and appeal is well known. Still, we will provide you with a 25-year transferrable warranty so you can have complete confidence in your investment.

To hire a company that’s known for its skill in painting stucco, contact Rhino Shield today. You can reach our team in Denver, CO, at (303) 353-0674 to get this important project underway.