Instead of Ordinary Painting Services, Choose a Rhino Shield Wall Coating for Your Home or Business in Orlando, FL

Painting Services Orlando FLWhile painting services are a dime a dozen in Orlando, Florida, Rhino Shield offers a solution that lasts far longer than regular paint. Instead of simply applying paint that will begin to lose its luster in just a few years, we will apply our signature Rhino Shield wall coating to end the repainting cycle once and for all.

What makes a Rhino Shield coating so special? For starters, it contains one third more solids than ordinary paint, resulting in a more substantial coating. It’s applied 8-10 times thicker than paint but is still breathable enough to let moisture escape before it can damage the coating. Another benefit of our painting services is that they can increase the energy efficiency of your home or business in Orlando, FL. Tiny ceramic microcapsules within the coating will reflect heat rather than allowing it to pass through your walls, helping you save money on air conditioning costs.

Other notable facts about our painting services include:

  • We can tint our coatings to virtually any color you want, so you can recreate your building’s current color scheme or give it a brand-new color that perfectly suits your vision.
  • Whether your home or business exterior is made of stucco, wood, brick, block, metal, or virtually any other material, our coating will look great and last through the years.
  • Our comprehensive service includes thoroughly prepping your walls before applying the coating and cleaning up afterwards to ensure your complete satisfaction with our painting services.

To learn more about our painting services, contact Rhino Shield today. You can reach us at (407) 217-2988 to discuss how we can revamp your home or business in Orlando, FL.