Choose Rhino Shield’s Painting Services for Your Home or Business in Mobile, AL

Painting Services Mobile ALRhino Shield offers painting services in Mobile, Alabama, that are second to none. While most painting companies offer the same old exterior paint that begins to lose its attractiveness after just a few years, we invested heavily in research and development to create a better alternative. Our coatings outperform paint in all the most important ways, ensuring superior performance and outstanding long-term value.

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from our painting services:

  • Our coatings, which are packed with low-E microcapsules, can minimize the amount of heat that is allowed to enter your home or business in Mobile, AL. This will keep the inside space cooler and lessen the burden on your air conditioning unit.
  • A special mold-resistant additive in our coatings will help prevent you from having to clean unsightly mold growth off of your exterior walls.
  • Because our coatings contain a significantly higher solids content than paint, superior-quality ingredients, and are applied with a much thicker coat, they look attractive for many years without requiring you to pay for professional painting services again in the future.
  • Our coatings help prevent water from rain, sprinklers, dew, and other sources from damaging the substrate of your exterior walls, sparing you expensive repairs.

Learn more about the benefits of our painting services by calling our Mobile, AL, office at (251) 690-7411. We would be happy to schedule a free consultation and answer any questions you have.