The Best Painting Services in Biloxi, MS, are Available through Rhino Shield

Painting Services Biloxi MSNo painting services in Biloxi, Mississippi, compare to the services that Rhino Shield offers local home and business owners. Instead of using regular exterior wall paint that begins to break down soon after being applied, we beautify walls with our proprietary Rhino Shield coatings that are far more durable and longer lasting.

How exactly do our exterior wall coatings outperform all other alternatives on the market? If you look at what our coatings contain, the answer is obvious. Our coatings are made of the finest ingredients available, such as energy-saving ceramic microspheres that form a barrier against heat transfer to help reduce heating and cooling costs. Plus, the coatings we use for our painting services have one third more solids than ordinary paint, and they are applied up to 10 times thicker, ensuring that you will have a robust coating on your home that will withstand a full range of weather conditions to remain looking beautiful throughout the years.

Our painting services are available to virtually all residents of Biloxi, MS. We have a high level of experience coating homes as well as commercial properties such as retail shops, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other structures. Furthermore, our coatings can be applied to virtually any exterior building material, including:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Metal
  • Vinyl

The first step toward revitalizing your home or business is scheduling a free consultation. A member of our team will visit you at the building you want to coat and explain in detail how you can expect to benefit from our painting services. We can also assist in selecting the color scheme that will best complement the building. You will have the opportunity to choose from an unlimited number of color options, and we can even match any color that you see in a magazine or other resource to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For the finest painting services in Biloxi, MS, call Rhino Shield today at (228) 233-3866.