Instead of Ordinary Painting Services, Choose Rhino Shield and Never Repaint Your Baton Rouge, LA, Home or Business Again

Painting Services Baton Rouge LANo painting services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rival the elastomeric wall coatings provided by Rhino Shield. Comprised of top-quality materials and applied 8-10 thicker than ordinary paint, our elastomeric coatings last far longer than paint – in fact, our painting services will prevent you from ever having to repaint again. Plus, you will get to choose any colors you want for the coating, so you can match an existing color scheme or bring an entirely new vision to life.

In addition to ensuring your home or business in Baton Rouge, LA, will look wonderful through the years, our painting services will provide the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – Tiny ceramic microspheres in the coating will reflect solar heat, preventing it from entering your home or business. This will keep the indoor space cooler and potentially reduce your air conditioning costs.
  • Mold resistance – An EPA-registered additive in the coating will help prevent mold growth, keeping it from diminishing the appearance of your home or business and saving you the hassle of having to clean it off.
  • Fire protection – Because our coatings have the best possible fire rating, your building will be safer if disaster strikes.

Rhino Shield offers painting services for buildings made of virtually any building material, whether it is wood, stucco, block, metal, or brick. Before coating your walls, our installation team will diligently prep the surfaces that will be coated and complete minor repairs as needed to ensure that the coating will adhere properly to the substrate and perform well through the years.

To learn more about what makes our painting services the right choice for your home or business in Baton Rouge, LA, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (504) 467-2200.