Instead of Hiring Ordinary Painting Contractors, Have Rhino Shield Revitalize Your Home or Business in Gulfport, MS

Painting Contractors Gulfport MSWhen you compare the many painting contractors serving Gulfport, Mississippi, you will see that none of them can compete with Rhino Shield. While most painters would simply cover your walls with run-of-the-mill exterior paint, we will apply an elastomeric coating that outperforms paint in many significant ways.

Here are some advantages of choosing a Rhino Shield coating over the paint that other painting contractors use:

  • Longevity – Made of more resilient materials and applied with a thicker coat than paint, a Rhino Shield coating will last for years and eliminate the need for you to repaint your home or business in Gulfport, MS.
  • Mold resistance – An EPA-registered additive in the coating will help keep mold growth at bay, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it off.
  • Low maintenance – Rhino Shield coatings are exceptionally easy to clean – simply wash them down with an ordinary garden hose to rinse off any dirt that builds up over time.
  • Warranty protection – You can invest in a Rhino Shield coating with the confidence of knowing that it is backed by a 25-year, transferable warranty – one of the strongest you will find among painting contractors.

To learn more about how Rhino Shield exterior wall coatings outperform the paint that other painting contractors use, contact us today. You can reach our team in Gulfport, MS, by calling (228) 233-3866. Or, enter your name, phone number, email, and project type in the fields above.