A Painting Company in Denver, CO, that Offers Ultra-Durable Exterior Wall Coatings

Painting Company Denver CORhino Shield is a painting company that offers a unique alternative to regular exterior wall paint for home and business owners in the Denver, Colorado area. Knowing that people would love an exterior wall coating that lasts through the years, we are a painting company that invested heavily in researching a way to create a coating that will never need to be reapplied. Our coatings can last for the duration of owning your home or business, sparing you from having to paint again. They also stand out for their energy efficiency, mold resistance, and durability.

To understand how Rhino Shield coatings work so well, just consider what they contain. Our coatings outperform regular paint because they have:

  • Better ingredients – While most painters in Denver, CO, use paint that’s made up largely of filler, we’re a painting company that creates coatings using the finest ingredients available. A great example of these high-quality ingredients is the tiny ceramic microcapsules in our coatings, which prevent heat transfer to help keep your home warmer during the winter.
  • A higher solids content – Our coatings contain roughly one third more solids than regular paint, which helps explain why they last so much longer.
  • A thicker coat – We apply our coatings several times thicker than paint because it helps the coatings stand up to weather conditions without chipping, cracking, or suffering other damage.

If you’re looking for an exterior wall coating that looks beautiful and provides phenomenal long-term value, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (303) 353-0674. We’re a painting company that truly cares about providing the best coating option for your home or business in Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

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