Compared to Other Painters Serving Baton Rouge, LA, Rhino Shield Offers Superior Exterior Wall Coatings

Painters Baton Rouge LAIf you research painters serving Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it will be abundantly clear that Rhino Shield offers exterior wall coatings that are second to none. We revitalize homes and businesses with elastomeric coatings that far outperform ordinary paint. Made with one-third more solids than paint and applied 8-10 times thicker, Rhino Shield coatings retain their luster through the years and eliminate the need to have painters to repaint your home or business. Additionally, ceramic microspheres in the coatings pack together tightly to create a thermal barrier that will help prevent outdoor heat from passing through your walls, so you can potentially save money in air conditioning costs.

Here are some additional reasons to choose Rhino Shield coatings over the paint offered by other painters:

  • Our coatings can be formulated in any color you want, so you can match the current color of your home or business or choose a brand-new color that fits your vision.
  • We are painters who can apply our coatings to virtually any type of building material, including wood, metal, brick, and stucco, so you can revitalize your home or business in Baton Rouge, LA, no matter what type of exterior it has.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your coating will be guaranteed not to chip, peel, or flake, unlike inferior coatings from other painters that can sustain such damage.
  • More than 25,000 Rhino Shield coating projects have been completed worldwide, which speaks to the worth and widespread appeal of this service.

For more information about what makes Rhino Shield coatings better than the alternatives offered by other painters serving Baton Rouge, LA, contact us today. You can either provide us with your contact information through our website or call (504) 467-2200.