Looking to Paint Your House in Pensacola, FL? Choose a Rhino Shield Ultra-Durable Wall Coating

Paint House Pensacola FLWhen you have Rhino Shield paint your house, you avoid the many disappointments that come with using regular paint. Instead of seeing your newly painted walls begin to lose their luster after a few years, you will have a coating that holds up longer. Rhino Shield coatings boast incredible performance due to their ultra-durable materials, high solids content, and extra-thick coat. They will last far longer than paint, sparing you from having to paint your house again.

Other benefits of having Rhino Shield paint your house include:

  • Energy savings – The Rhino Shield coating we apply to your home in Pensacola, FL, will be packed with ceramic microcapsules, which will provide a formidable thermal layer around your exterior walls. This added insulation will help take some of the burden off of your HVAC system and potentially reduce your energy costs.
  • Mold resistance – Rhino Shield coatings are specially formulated to prevent mold growth, helping to keep mold from damaging your exterior walls and diminishing their appearance.
  • Minimal maintenance – Your Rhino Shield coating will be virtually maintenance-free. It will be guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel for 25 years, and to clean it, you can simply wash it down with an ordinary garden hose.

If you’re looking to hire a company that will paint your house with a coating that provides incredible long-term value, contact Rhino Shield today. You can call our team serving Pensacola, FL, at (850) 424-6829 to schedule a free in-home consultation.