Hire Rhino Shield to Paint Your House in Orlando, FL, and Never Repaint Again

Paint House Orlando FLWhen it comes time to have professionals paint your house in Orlando, Florida, you may be thinking the only factor to consider is the quality of the service they provide. While service is highly important – and Rhino Shield is consistently praised for providing an exceptional customer service – it also makes a huge difference what kind of paint is applied. Most painting companies will use run-of-the-mill paint that will need to be redone some years down the road, but Rhino Shield’s elastomeric wall coatings provide a better solution.

Rhino Shield exterior wall coatings look like a fresh coat of paint but outperform paint in many significant ways. When you have Rhino Shield paint your house in Orlando, FL, you will benefit from:

  • Long-lasting beauty – A Rhino Shield coating will last far longer than regular paint, sparing you from having to paint your house again in the future.
  • Added insulation – Because a Rhino Shield coating is loaded with thermally resistant ceramic microcapsules and is applied with such a thick coat, it will help keep outdoor heat from entering your home, keeping the inside space more comfortable and potentially reducing the cost of your monthly air conditioning bills.
  • Easy cleaning – Our coatings are specially designed to make washing down your exterior walls a breeze. Simply spray them down from time to time with an ordinary garden hose to keep them looking attractive.

Ready to paint your house and never need to have it painted again? Contact the Rhino Shield team in Orlando, FL, today by calling (407) 217-2988 and schedule a free consultation.