Have Rhino Shield Insulating Paint Applied to Your Home or Business in Orlando, FL

Insulating Paint Orlando FLInsulating paint is an excellent investment for residents of Orlando, Florida. By helping to prevent outdoor heat from entering your home or business, these coatings can help keep the indoor space cooler, easing the burden that’s placed on your air conditioning system and potentially reducing the amount of energy you consume (and pay for) each month. However, the different types of insulating paint on the market vary widely in effectiveness. If you’re interested in the finest exterior wall coatings available, Rhino Shield is the company for you to call.

At Rhino Shield, we apply elastomeric exterior wall coatings that outperform ordinary insulating paint in many ways. In addition to stabilizing indoor temperatures, here are some other advantages of our coatings:

  • They will last far longer than regular paint, which needs to be reapplied often.
  • They are specially formulated to prevent mold growth, sparing you the burdensome task of having to clean unsightly mold off your walls.
  • They won’t crack, chip, or peel – in fact, they come backed by a 25-year warranty that safeguards against this damage, so you can be sure the coating will stay intact over time.
  • Through our color matching service, we can give your home or business in Orlando, FL, any color scheme you want, whether that means we replicate the colors you have now or provide ones that you’ve seen in a magazine or elsewhere.

For a superior alternative to ordinary insulating paint, contact Rhino Shield today. We’re available at (407) 217-2988 to answer any questions you have about the exterior wall coatings we offer in Orlando, FL.