Choose Rhino Shield’s Insulating Paint for Your Home or Business in New Orleans, LA

Insulating Paint New Orleans LAInsulating paint is a great investment for home and business owners in New Orleans, Louisiana, who are looking to reduce their monthly energy bills. However, not all types of insulating paint are created equal. At Rhino Shield, we offer innovative elastomeric exterior wall coatings that are made of premium materials to help keep your home or business warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, so you can potentially save money in heating and cooling costs. One important ingredient in our insulating paint is the tiny ceramic microcapsules, which pack together tightly to form a thermally resistant layer of insulation on the outside of your exterior walls. This layer will help keep heat from passing through your walls, making it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a desired temperature with less work.

In addition to energy efficiency, our insulating paint provides these benefits as well:

  • Longevity – Our coatings, which contain more solids than regular paint and are applied with a thicker coat, last far longer than paint. This means you won’t need to have the paint reapplied in the future and will enjoy tremendous long-term value.
  • Beauty – We can apply your coating in any colors you want, so you can give your home or business in New Orleans, LA, the beautiful new look you envision.
  • Minimal maintenance – Another benefit of our coatings is that they are extremely durable and require less upkeep than other coatings. Plus, you can simply spray them down with a regular garden hose to wash away any dirt that accumulates.

If you want to make your home or business in New Orleans, LA, more energy efficient with insulating paint, contact Rhino Shield today. Call us at (504) 467-2200 to schedule your free consultation.