Choose Rhino Shield’s Insulating Paint for Your Home or Business in Metairie, LA

Insulating Paint Metairie LARhino Shield’s insulating paint provides many wonderful benefits for home and business owners in Metairie, Louisiana. In addition to giving your exterior walls a fresh new look, a Rhino Shield coating provides an extra layer of insulation, making it easier for your air conditioning system to maintain the temperature that you want. This can help you stay comfortable and also possibly reduce the cost of your monthly energy bills.

When Rhino Shield applies insulating paint to your exterior walls, you will also benefit in the following ways:

  • You can have the coating tinted the exact color that you want through our color matching services, ensuring that your home or business in Metairie, LA, will have the look that you envision.
  • Because of its resilient materials, high solids content, and thick coat, the insulating paint will last far longer than traditional paint, sparing you from having to repaint again in the future and saving you a significant amount of money over the long term.
  • The coating won’t crack, chip, or peel for at least 25 years – guaranteed – preventing the need to perform costly maintenance.
  • A special additive in the coating will help prevent mold growth, keeping your exterior walls free from the visual unpleasantness and damage that comes with mold.

If you want to have your exterior walls coated with energy-saving insulating paint that provides a wide range of benefits, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (850) 424-6829. Our team near you proudly serves Metairie, LA, and all surrounding areas.