Rhino Shield Offers Industrial Painting Services for Businesses in Mobile, AL

Industrial Painting Mobile ALIndustrial painting serves multiple important purposes for businesses in Mobile, Alabama, and beyond. While a fresh coating can do an excellent job of making a structure look attractive, the new outer layer can also minimize the amount of maintenance the structure requires. At Rhino Shield, we offer many different attractive coatings that will hold up in even the harshest conditions. As an industrial painting company with widespread expertise, we coat outdoor railings, metal roofs, parking garages, steel poles, warehouse floors, and more.

Because substrate materials and environmental conditions vary widely, we offer many different types of coatings for your facility in Mobile, AL. Our selection includes:

  • Rust inhibitors
  • Encapsulators
  • High-gloss polyurethanes
  • Water-based epoxies
  • Ceramic epoxies

A broad array of colors are available for industrial painting projects, including OSHA safety colors for properly color-coding industrial facilities. We even offer color matching to ensure you can select your exact company colors and create a cohesive look throughout a space.

To speak with one of our industrial painting specialists about your needs, call Rhino Shield today at (251) 690-7411. We can schedule a convenient day and time to visit your facility in Mobile, AL, where we will assess the structures you want to revamp and recommend coatings accordingly. Rhino Shield has been serving a diverse array of businesses since the company’s founding in 2000, providing superior products and unbeatable customer service. We are proud to say that our coatings have been used in tens of thousands of coating projects around the world.