The Finest House Painting Service Available in Mobile, AL

House Painting Mobile ALIf you want your house painting project completed using the most resilient coating available, Rhino Shield is the company for you to call. Unlike painters in Mobile, Alabama, that use regular paint that quickly begins to lose its luster, we coat homes with our proprietary elastomeric coatings, which outperform conventional paint in every way. We can apply these coatings to any type of home exterior, whether it’s made of wood, stucco, metal, or brick, so you can make this excellent investment for your home no matter what type of home you have.

Here are some additional reasons to choose Rhino Shield’s house painting services:

  • Since you will have virtually unlimited color options to choose from, you can select the perfect hue for your walls, trim, and other architectural elements, giving your home the exact look you envision.
  • The coating will last far longer than one you would receive from an ordinary house painting company, because it will contain superior ingredients and be applied 8-10 times thicker than paint.
  • You can potentially reduce your air conditioning costs by having a Rhino Shield coating applied, since the coating will help reflect heat rather than allowing it to enter your Mobile, AL, home.

If you are interested in house painting services that will keep your home looking beautiful through the years, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (251) 690-7411. We would be happy to visit your home in Mobile, AL, for a free consultation.