Choose the Finest House Painting Service in Gulfport, MS

House Painting Gulfport MSIf you hire a house painting company to paint your home in Gulfport, Mississippi, you will likely be pleased with the initial results of their work. However, as time passes, you will notice that the paint slowly loses its visual appeal. It may begin to chalk, crack, and peel in just a few years, making it so you need to have your home painted again in order to recreate the fresh look it once had.

With Rhino Shield, you can choose a wall coating that will last far longer. Unlike the house painting companies that use regular latex paint, which consists mostly of water and cheap fillers, we will cover the exterior walls of your home with an elastomeric coating that contains the highest quality ceramic microspheres, solid resins, and pigment. This coating will reflect heat, resist damage, and last year after year.

Aside from the quality of our coatings, here are some additional reasons to trust Rhino Shield with your house painting project in Gulfport, MS:

  • As a company that has provided house painting services for many years, we are highly skilled at revitalizing residential homes with elastomeric wall coatings. You can rest easy knowing this project is in the hands of experts.
  • Rhino Shield wall coatings have been used in more than 25,000 coating projects around the globe, so their quality is well-known.
  • Our wall coatings have been tested by BASF and other outside laboratories to confirm they perform as advertised.
  • A 25-year warranty protects our wall coatings against cracking, chipping, and peeling, so you can have complete peace of mind about making this investment in your home.

To give your home in Gulfport, MS, a beautiful new look that will last through the years, contact Rhino Shield today. You can schedule a free consultation about our house painting services by calling (228) 233-3866 or by submitting a request through our website.