For Your House Painting Project in Clermont, FL, Choose a Rhino Shield Coating

House Painting Clermont FLIf you’re comparing house painting services in Clermont, Florida, you may be under the impression that they are all basically the same. However, that is not the case with Rhino Shield. Instead of using regular exterior wall paint that begins to lose its luster in a few years, we coat home exteriors with an elastomeric coating that lasts far longer.

Our coatings outperform traditional paint because of the remarkable ingredients that they contain. We formulate them with ultra-durable materials, a third more solids than paint, and apply them with a much thicker coat. The result is a resilient layer of color that will weatherproof your exterior walls and hold up extraordinarily well through the years, preventing you from needing to pay for house painting services again in the future.

Other important information to know about Rhino Shield’s house painting services includes:

  • We can apply our exterior wall coatings in any color – or colors – that you want, allowing you to create any look you desire for your walls and architectural features like the trim on your home.
  • Our coatings work great on virtually any material used on home exteriors, including stucco, wood, brick, and vinyl. Not only will the coating adopt the existing texture of your walls, it can also enhance the texture for added visual appeal.
  • We offer convenient financing options for qualified homeowners in Clermont, FL, making it easy for you to fit this investment into your budget.

If you want an exterior wall coating that excels where regular paint falls short, contact Rhino Shield today at (407) 217-2988. We proudly provide house painting services to residents of Clermont, FL, and all surrounding areas.