The House Painters at Rhino Shield Offer a Superior Coating for Your Home in New Orleans, LA

House Painters New Orleans LAWhile there are many professional house painters in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area, only your local Rhino Shield franchise is able to offer you the innovative Rhino Shield wall coating for your home. This resilient coating, which we offer in any color you want, is proven to outperform ordinary paint in terms of durability, longevity, and reflection of UV rays. It has been thoroughly tested by BASF, ASTM, the Green Builder Coalition, and other well-known laboratories to confirm it performs as advertised, and it has been used in more than 25,000 coating projects worldwide, so you can rest assured that it is a high-quality product of outstanding value.

There are many benefits to choosing Rhino Shield instead of having house painters apply ordinary paint to your home or business in New Orleans, LA:

  • Never paint again – Regular paint will begin to deteriorate in just a few years, requiring you to have house painters re-paint your exterior to keep it looking nice. Since our wall coatings block most UV rays, they look attractive longer.
  • Potential energy savings – Because most UV rays will be prevented from passing through the coating, the inside space will stay cooler. This will make it easier for your air conditioning unit to maintain the desired temperature and possibly also save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Low maintenance – Since our coatings are 8-10 times thicker than a typical layer of paint but are permeable enough to allow moisture to escape, they won’t flake, crack, or peel like the paint that other house painters use. Therefore, you won’t have to constantly perform upkeep to ensure that your exterior will look appealing.

If you want a wall coating option that is superior to what most house painters offer, contact Rhino Shield today. You can schedule a consultation through our website or call (504) 467-2200 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.