Why Choose Rhino Shield Over Other House Painters in Mobile, AL?

House Painters Mobile ALOrdinary house painters serving Mobile, Alabama, can’t compete with Rhino Shield. That’s because we offer superior exterior wall coatings that can end the repainting cycle once and for all. When you have our elastomeric coatings applied to the outside walls of your home, you can avoid having to hire house painters again in the future. Although our coatings simply look like a quality coat of fresh paint, you will see over time how yours holds up through the years and requires virtually no maintenance. You will also appreciate how the coating helps to insulate your home, so the indoor temperature will remain comfortable with less work required of your air conditioning unit.

When you hire Rhino Shield over other house painters in Mobile, AL, you can also expect:

  • Unlimited color options, so you can give your home the exact look you envision
  • Thorough preparation of your exterior walls, ensuring that the coating will adhere well and meet the highest performance standards
  • Turnkey service, so you can have the project handled from beginning to end by our expert team
  • Robust warranty protection, giving you complete confidence about making this wonderful investment in your home

More and more homeowners in Mobile, AL, are breaking free of the repainting cycle by hiring Rhino Shield over ordinary house painters. To discover the Rhino Shield difference for yourself, call us today at (251) 690-7411. Rhino Shield is an exterior wall coating specialist that has served a wide variety of customers since the company’s founding in 2000.