House Painters in Denver, CO, Offering a Superior Alternative to Ordinary Paint

House Painters Denver COIf you’re comparing the house painters serving Denver, Colorado, you may be assuming that all companies will use the same type of paint to coat the exterior walls of your home. However, there’s a beautiful wall coating that will last far longer than the ordinary paint that other house painters use: a Rhino Shield elastomeric coating. At Rhino Shield, we understand what a difference it makes when your home’s exterior walls look fresh and vibrant. That’s why we invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into developing an exterior wall coating that will stay looking better longer.

Containing better ingredients than the paint that most house painters use and applied with a much thicker coat, a Rhino Shield elastomeric coating will last long into the future and provide you with phenomenal long-term value. The coating that we apply on your Denver, CO, home will also:

  • Help keep heat from entering and exiting your home through your walls, so your HVAC system can maintain a comfortable temperature with less work, potentially saving you money on your energy bills
  • Make cleaning your exterior walls easier than ever, since you can simply spray them down with an ordinary garden hose to wash off any dirt that may accumulate
  • Discourage mold growth, preventing the damage that can result from having mold grow on your exterior walls
  • Resist cracks, chips, peeling, and other damage that may occur with the coatings that other house painters use

For an exterior wall coating that’s superior to what you would receive from other house painters in Denver, CO, contact Rhino Shield by calling (303) 353-0674. We look forward to giving your home the beautiful, long-lasting coating it deserves.

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