Home Painting Specialists Offering Residents of New Orleans, LA, a Superior Alternative to Regular Paint

Home Painting New Orleans LAWhen you hire Rhino Shield for your home painting project in New Orleans, Louisiana, you will love the results we deliver. Our team of experienced painters will apply a beautiful coating in the color – or colors – of your choice, giving your home a fresh, new look. Plus, the coating that we apply will last far longer than the paint that other home painting companies use. This is because, instead of using regular exterior paint, we will coat your home with a special elastomeric coating that outperforms regular paint in several key ways.

In addition to lasting far longer than paint, the benefits of a Rhino Shield coating include:

  • Energy efficiency – The coatings we use for our home painting services are packed with ceramic microcapsules that help prevent heat from passing through your exterior walls, making it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature. This added insulation can also potentially save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Low maintenance – Since a Rhino Shield coating is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel for at least 25 years, you will not need to perform the burdensome upkeep that some other coatings require.
  • Mold resistance – Another benefit of using a Rhino Shield coating for a home painting project is that it will help prevent mold from growing on your exterior walls, saving you the time and money it takes to clean away mold and repair the damage it causes.

If you want to make your home painting project a success, contact Rhino Shield today. You can submit your contact information above or call us at (504) 467-2200 to schedule a free consultation at your home in New Orleans, LA. Also, make sure to ask about our convenient financing options, which can help you fit this investment into your budget.