Rhino Shield is an eco-friendly paint alternative because it is safe for skin contact, non-toxic, and low-odor. But these aren’t the only characteristics that make Rhino Shield an eco-friendly paint alternative. Our ceramic top-coat is a low-e thermal barrier that may reduce your energy consumption, and because of our mil thickness, Rhino Shield can be used to encapsulate lead paint.


  • Safe for skin contact (no protective clothing required)
  • Low odor (no inhalation hazard)
  • Non flammable
  • Non toxic
  • Low VOC. Well less than 100 grams per liter
  • Rhino-Shield is a low-e product that reduces thermal conductivity to
  • insulate a building.
  • Resists growth of mold and mildew
  • Approved for Solid Waste Landfill disposal
  • Member of the Florida Green Building Coalition


Traditional outdoor paint does not last as long as Rhino Shield. It a product extends the life cycle by at least 50% beyond the industry average, it is considered eco-friendly. This is because when the life cycle of the product is lengthened, fewer raw materials will be needed to create product. Also, energy will be saved as manufacturing decreases, and pollution will decrease because of fewer products being transported. Go with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating and NEVER PAINT AGAIN.