A Superior Alternative to Ordinary Exterior Painting: Rhino Shield Wall Coatings for Homes and Businesses in Orlando, FL

Exterior Painting Orlando FLTypical exterior painting can’t compete with Rhino Shield wall coatings in terms of durability and longevity.  When you have a Rhino Shield wall coating applied to your home or business in Orlando, Florida, it will look like a fresh paint job in the color of your choice, but it will last far longer. In fact, it will prevent you from ever having to paint again.

How does a Rhino Shield exterior painting system provide such incredible results? Well, for starters, it’s applied 8-10 times thicker than regular paint, so it creates a much more substantial coat on your exterior walls. It also contains about a third more solids than ordinary paint, and high-quality ceramic microspheres that minimize heat transfer, keeping heat outside and potentially reducing your air conditioning costs throughout the year.

Aside from the quality of our coatings, home and business owners in Orlando, FL, choose Rhino Shield for the following reasons:

  • We are experienced at completing exterior painting projects for both home and business owners, and we can apply our coatings to almost any type of surface, meeting your needs no matter what type of building you want to revamp with a Rhino Shield coating.
  • We offer a truly turnkey exterior painting service, in which we efficiently execute the coating process from beginning to end – from the prep work until the final clean-up – so you will experience minimal hassles.
  • Our coatings come with a 25-year transferrable warranty. This means that you can have complete faith in your investment, and if you ever decide to sell your house, potential buyers may consider it an enticing selling point.

To give your home or business the beautiful, long-lasting exterior coating it deserves, contact Rhino Shield today at (407) 217-2988. We are proud to be the exterior painting company of choice for residents of Orlando, FL.