For a Better Coating than Other Exterior Painters in Orlando, FL, Can Provide, Choose Rhino Shield

Exterior Painters Orlando FLWith there being so many exterior painters offering services in Orlando, Florida, you may be struggling to decide who you want to have paint your home or business. Fortunately, the decision will be much easier when you consider the outstanding long-term value of a Rhino Shield coating. While the vast majority of exterior painters would simply use ordinary paint on your exterior walls, we’ve invested tremendous time and money researching a better alternative.

When you hire Rhino Shield over other exterior painters in Orlando, FL, you will have your home or commercial building coated in a beautiful layer of color that outperforms regular paint in many important ways. Because it contains better ingredients and a significantly higher solids content, a Rhino Shield coating will never need to be reapplied. Plus, it will resist cracks and other damage, make washing your exterior walls a breeze, and help stabilize indoor temperatures for energy savings.

At Rhino Shield, our comprehensive exterior painting services include:

  • A thorough inspection of your exterior walls to identify any damage that may affect the coating
  • Rigorous prep work to get the walls in the ideal condition for being coated
  • Careful application of the Rhino Shield coating
  • Cleaning up around your home or business during and after the coating process, leaving you with nothing to do but appreciate the beautiful new look of your building

For a coating that’s far superior to what other exterior painters offer, contact Rhino Shield today by calling (407) 217-2988. We’re proud to provide this innovative wall coating solution to residents of Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas.