The Benefits of Having a Rhino Shield Elastomeric Coating Applied to Your Home or Business in Metairie, LA

Elastomeric Coating MetairieAn elastomeric coating is a wise investment for home and business owners in Metairie, Louisiana, who want the layer of color on their exterior walls to hold up well through the years. At Rhino Shield, we offer elastomeric coatings that look just like a fresh coat of paint, but that outperform paint in several key ways. One incredible benefit of a Rhino Shield elastomeric coating is how it lasts far longer than any ordinary paint available on the market today. This is because Rhino Shield coatings are produced with a greater emphasis on quality, boasting better ingredients, a higher solids content, and a much thicker coat. As a result, you will likely never need to have new paint applied, so you can enjoy lasting beauty and phenomenal long-term value.

Other benefits of a Rhino Shield elastomeric coating include:

  • Energy savings, thanks to the coating’s ceramic microcapsules that will help insulate your home or business in Metairie, LA, and potentially lower your air conditioning costs
  • Excellent durability, with a guarantee that the coating won’t chip, crack, or peel for at least 25 years
  • Mold resistance, preventing the growth of this fungus from detracting from the look of your exterior walls and causing damage

If you want an elastomeric coating that you can depend on standing the test of time, contact Rhino Shield today. You can reach our team serving Metairie, LA, by calling (850) 424-6829 or submitting your contact information through our website.