A Commercial Painter Serving New Orleans, LA, that Stands Apart from the Rest

Commercial Painter New Orleans LARhino Shield is a commercial painter that offers an innovative alternative to painting for business owners in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s an elastomeric wall coating that looks like paint but provides many additional benefits. With more than 25,000 of these coating projects completed worldwide, Rhino Shield coatings are proven to be an excellent choice for office buildings, condominiums, retail businesses, warehouses, hotels, and other commercial properties.

Benefits of our Rhino Shield wall coatings include:

  • Breathability – Because our coatings are permeable, they can release vapors and condensation to prevent the damage to the coating that could otherwise occur.
  • Wind resistance – Since our coatings pass the wind-driven rain standard for coastal areas, we are a commercial painter you can rely on for a coating that can withstand 98 mph wind-driven rain without allowing moisture penetration.
  • Mildew resistance – Our coatings contain a mildewcide, algaecide, and fungicide to prevent mildew and other organisms from growing on your building’s exterior. These additives are EPA-registered and environmentally safe.
  • Salt tolerance – Rhino Shield coatings resist salt wear better than many alternatives, and are an excellent choice for coastal areas in New Orleans, LA.
  • “Class A” fire rating – Businesses enjoy peace of mind choosing Rhino Shield as their commercial painter since our coatings have the strongest fire rating.

If you want a commercial painter that provides wall coatings that are far superior to ordinary paint, contact Rhino Shield today. Our team is available at (504) 467-2200 to schedule a complimentary consultation at your business in New Orleans, LA.