A Commercial Painter That Can End the Repainting Cycle Once and For All for Business Owners in Gulfport, MS

Commercial Painter Gulfport MSIf you are looking for a commercial painter to revitalize your retail business, office building, warehouse, parking garage, or apartment complex in Gulfport, Mississippi, there is no better company for you to call than Rhino Shield. We are highly experienced at helping commercial property owners give their buildings the attractive appearance they want.

Instead of using ordinary wall paint that would quickly begin to lose its luster, we are a commercial painter that will coat the exterior walls of your building with an innovative elastomeric coating, which contains higher-quality ingredients than paint and is applied 8-10 times thicker to ensure superior performance. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Rhino Shield coating over the paint that almost any other commercial painter would use:

  • Longevity – A Rhino Shield coating looks as nice as any paint job – or even better – when first applied, but will maintain its beautiful appearance far longer, preventing you from having to hire a commercial painter to repaint your Gulfport, MS, building in the future.
  • Energy efficiency – The energy-saving ceramic microspheres in our coatings pack together tightly to form a protective thermal layer over your building’s external walls, preventing outdoor heat from passing into your building. This added insulation can potentially reduce your air conditioning costs.
  • Mold resistance – Our coatings are specially formulated to help prevent mold growth, sparing you the time and expense that is required for cleanup.
  • Easy cleaning – A Rhino Shield coating requires virtually no upkeep – simply wash it down with an ordinary garden hose if it ever needs cleaning.

To hire a commercial painter that offers the finest exterior wall coatings available, contact Rhino Shield today. You can reach our team at (228) 233-3866 to discuss how you can benefit from having a Rhino Shield coating applied to your building in Gulfport, MS.