For Ultra-Durable Architectural Coatings in New Orleans, LA, Choose Rhino Shield

Architectural Coatings New Orleans LARhino Shield is proud to offer innovative architectural coatings for home and business owners in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are elastomeric exterior wall coatings that look beautiful – like a fresh coat of paint – but that last far longer than paint, sparing you from having to have your home or business painted again. Our coatings can also help insulate your exterior walls for energy savings, prevent mold growth to spare you burdensome cleaning, and provide many other wonderful benefits.

How do our architectural coatings deliver such outstanding results compared to regular paint? To understand this, simply consider what our coatings contain:

  • Better ingredients – Our architectural coatings include high-performing materials such as ceramic microcapsules, which will help insulate your home or business in New Orleans, LA, to make it more energy efficient.
  • More solids – Our coatings have one third more solids content than paint, which explains why they hold up so much better over time.
  • A thicker coat – Because we apply our coatings 8-10 times thicker than regular paint, they provide a much more substantial coat.

Furthermore, we can apply our coatings to virtually any type of home or business. They work great on wood, stucco, brick, engineered wood, vinyl, and virtually all other types of building materials that are used on exterior walls.

To learn more about our architectural coatings, contact Rhino Shield at (504) 467-2200 and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to giving your home or business in New Orleans, LA, the beautiful new coating it deserves.