About Rhino Shield

science, chemistry, biology, medicine and people concept - closeRhino Shield Ceramic Coating was originally developed in the Florida Panhandle in the early 2000’s. The constant exposure to the heat, humidity, salt spray and threat of hurricanes takes a toll on the exterior of any building in its path, so homeowners and businesses along the Gulf South Region were looking for a product to help them with the ongoing expense of exterior maintenance.

Over the counter exterior paint products, which consist of mostly water and cheap organic fillers, have a short life span under these extreme weather conditions. When paint is applied to a home, the water in the paint evaporates and exposes the remaining solid components to the elements, which in turn makes paint prone to chalking, cracking and peeling over time.

There was a need for a long lasting exterior wall coating that could endure and protect homes and businesses for a longer period of time, so the founders of Rhino Shield hired a chemist to determine how to formulate a product that would provide a long lasting alternative to traditional paint products.

The chemist suggested that by using the highest quality ceramic microspheres, solid resins, pigments and less water it would enable this new coating product to withstand the elements for a much longer period of time. Using the highest quality ingredients would increase the cost of the product but it would enable the coating to last for decades.

This new revolutionary “Made in America” product has been independently tested and approved by BASF and carries a Class “A” fire rating. Since its inception, Rhino Shield has been a huge success and now has dealers throughout the United States. With over 25,000 successful installations nationwide, the results speak for themselves.

Rhino Shield Gulf South is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau, has won multiple awards as being the top dealer in the country and is and is the exclusive dealer for Rhino Shield in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Florida and the Florida Panhandle.

Better Ingredients Make a Superior Product!