House Painting, Commercial Painting, and Industrial Painting by Rhino Shield, an Industry Leader in Protective Wall Coatings

House PaintingIf you are dissatisfied with ordinary exterior painting, you are not alone. Many home and business owners have grown tired of continually repainting when their outdoor paint begins to deteriorate after a few years. Fortunately, at Rhino Shield, we provide a better solution. We offer ceramic wall coatings that look like a typical layer of paint but last much longer. By having this renowned exterior paint coating applied to your home or business, you eliminate the need to paint again.

To understand how Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating outperforms the alternatives, consider the high-performance substances it contains. While regular house paint consists largely of water and inconsistent clay or chalk fillers, our coatings include ceramic microspheres that are made of the finest materials. These spherical ceramic beads pack together tightly, creating a protective elastomeric coating around your home or business. Because they reflect harmful UV rays, they can keep your walls cooler and potentially reduce your air conditioning costs. Our coatings also include an EPA-registered additive that discourages unsightly mold and mildew growth and helps keeps your home attractive. Rhino Shield coatings can even be used to encapsulate hazardous lead paint, protecting your home and yard from contamination.

In addition to supplying the ideal wall coatings for homes and businesses, Rhino Shield is a painting company that offers a wide range of industrial painting services as well. Whether you want to protect outdoor railings with a polyurethane coating that can withstand harsh environmental conditions or revamp warehouse floors with a beautiful epoxy finish, we are the professional painters to call. Like with our home and business painting services, we can supply most of our industrial coatings in the exact color that you want, so you can create a cohesive look throughout your facility.

If You Need House Painting, Commercial Painting, or Industrial Painting Services, Look to Rhino Shield for Phenomenal Customer Service

Commercial PaintingAside from supplying the best exterior coatings available, Rhino Shield offers a customer experience that is second to none. As part of our turnkey house painting and commercial painting service, we handle all aspects of our coating projects to ensure phenomenal results. This process will begin with a thorough assessment of your home or business by one of our experienced exterior painting consultants, who can recommend an elastomeric wall coating or elastomeric roof coating for your specific needs and provide a precise estimate for your project. Before painting your house or business, we will thoroughly prep your exterior walls to ensure that the coatings will adhere properly. Our team will then carefully apply the priming coat and the Rhino Shield coating. Once the coatings have been administered, we will clean up the job site thoroughly to make the experience basically effortless for you. Going forward, you can rest easy knowing that your ceramic paint is protected by our transferable, non-prorated 25-year warranty, which is one of the best in the industry.  Please call for warranty details.

For a paint job that will last for your home, business, or industrial complex, contact the exterior painting experts at Rhino Shield today. When you do, ask about how our financing options can make your ceramic coating project more affordable.